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Electrical material supply

Produce International

Produce: Electrical material supply

From the early design stages up to the actual field installation, Produce International Srl guarantees a competent and complete service of research, design and electrical material supply for industrial use, for construction sites and factories, industrial and civil use establishments in various target sectors.

International partner of electrical supplies

Thanks to the consolidated partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical materials such as, for example:

  • electrical junction boxes,
  • electrical enclosures, hazardous led lighting,
  • floodlight,
  • fluorescent emergency light,
  • electrical receptacles and plugs,
  • explosion proof electrical equipment,

the Company’s primary objective is to pay attention to the specific needs of the Customer with a 360° service of cutting-edge electrical material supply and high-quality electrical products, in compliance with international regulations and guaranteed by valid worldwide product certifications.


Electrical material supply: our products

Hazardous LED Lighting

- Hubbell

IECEx Lightning Fixture

- Chalmit

NEC LIghtning Fixture

- Killark

Base Hinged & Fixed Columns

- Abacus

IECEx / Nec Cable Glands

- Hawke International

NEC Rigid Metal Conduit & Fittings

- Killark

Plugs and Receptacles

- Killark

Distribution Equipment and Enclosures

- Killark

Explosion-proof freezers and refrigerators

- Killark

Our certifications

Produce International Srl is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, while all electrical products and materials are certified by the manufacturer or by the relevant bodies according to international safety criteria and compliance standards, also in terms of energy efficiency and of environmental protection. Specifically, they are certified by:
IECEx Certification
NEC Certification

Engineering consultancy

Thanks to a consolidated experience over time in the supply of material and products for the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Energy industries, Produce International is able to provide a consultancy service for the procurement and for the electrical material supply.