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Packages Management and Spare Parts

Produce: packages management and spare parts for industrial plant engineering

The many years of experience in engineering design of Produce International Srl together with the deep knowledge of Customer needs, market trends, regulations and products, have led to highly functional solutions of mechanical and electrical industrial plant engineering for package and machine manufacturers, speeding up the whole standardization process.

Spare parts management and supply

Having access to all levels of procurement, from the world’s leading mechanical and electrical plant manufacturers to spare parts suppliers, Produce International Srl is able to provide customized solutions for urgent supplies.

Thanks to its experience in international negotiations and in logistics management, from quality control, to packaging management and up to national and international transport by sea, land or air, Produce International Srl is able to provide a 360° comprehensive service.

Consolidated partners

Through its commercial partnership agreements with some of the most important global manufacturers of mechanical and electro-instrumental plant engineering, Produce proposes itself as a qualified supplier of materials and spare components for industrial plants and machinery in the Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical energy sectors.


Engineering consultancy and contracting

A well-established engineering structure allows the Customer to interact and dialogue with the various interlocutors at every level, defining all the details of the project. Following the contractual and documentary verification, the Customer will finally be able to define the acceptance of the finished product in a rapid and transparent manner, without surprises. The whole procurement process is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.