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Hawke is the market leading manufacturer of Exd and Exe certified cable glands and connection solutions. Discover our products, including cases, connectors and controls.

Main products

  • Electrical and instrumental plant engineering
  • Engineering and automation systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Instrumental engineering
  • Design, supply and assembly of heat tracing, thermal oil and steam systems
  • Creation of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and logics
  • Management and control of Packages documentation
  • Assistance with assembly on site
  • The main services and activities developed by Concurrent Engineering S.r.l. they concern integrated experiences and specializations. Detailed design of electro-instrumental systems relating to hydrothermal power plants, chemical, petrochemical and water treatment plants. Drafting of technical specifications and technical specifications relating to the definition of assembly materials
  • “Packages” management
  • Supervision of construction site activities
  • Procurement of materials worldwide through an established network of world-class ISO 9000 certified suppliers
  • Resolution of technical problems by a team of technical specialists of the following products:
  • Primary and secondary instrumentation mounting materials
  • Instrumentation & automation assembly materials
  • Electrical assembly materials
  • Valves
  • Self-Expediting, self Inspection & Customer Care activities