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Mechanical material supply

Produce International

Produce: mechanical material supply

Thanks to an excellent product management combined with a highly competent logistic support, Produce International Srl offers itself on the market as a reference partner for the supply and production of mechanical material for instrumental plant engineering and engineering sites in the main energy and chemical industry sectors.

International partner of mechanical material

As a result of the consolidated partnership with the major worldwide producers of primary and secondary mechanical material (bulk material) and process valves (severe service valve), Produce supports the Customer in all the phases of product procurement, from the design of plants and machinery to the preparation of documents, with competence and professionalism.

Mechanical material supply: our products

Above-Ground Sulfur Seals Legs


Jacketing Contro Heat for Valves


Jacketing Contro Trace for Pipe & Vessels


Dual Plate Check Valves

- Goodwin International

Nozzle Check Valves

- Goodwin International

The one stop tubing & compression fittings – Produce International

European leader specialized in the supply of high-quality seamless tubes for all kinds of applications.

Tubing available according to the international standards and supplied in commercial bars or coils, bare or coated, medium and high pressure, oxygen cleaning, electro-cleaned (EP) and SilcoNert.

Outer Diameter OD: from 3 mm OD up to 38mm OD – from 1/8” up to 2” e
Thickness : 0.8 mm from 4.5 mm – 0.028” up to 0.220”

Material available from stock:

Primary & secondary bulk material - Produce International

To complete the tubing supply, we support our customers with the supply of primary and secondary bulk material. Engineered supply of double ring compression fittings, medium and high-pressure fittings, threaded fittings, distribution and condensate vessels, ball valves and needle valves, instrument manifolds, single flange valves, accessories and instrument mounting and protection supports (boxes, shells and hoods). Produce International Srl communicates with the customer to identify the best mechanical materials for production plants and is able to supply reliable and quality items for the construction of all types of plants. Specifically, it supplies a whole series of engineered products such as:

Severe service valve - Produce International

The partnership with the historic English company Goodwin, world leader in the sector, which stands out for its tradition, quality and innovation, makes us the valve market leader.

Hydrogen Valves
Low Emission Valves
Low Temperature Valves
High Temperature Valves
Zero Leakage Valves
Axial Choke Valve
Axial Control Valve
Axial Hipps Valve
Axial Isolation Valve
Compact Double Block and Bleed Valves
Dual Plate Check Valves
Jacketing Contro Heat for Valves
Nozzle Check Valves
API 6DSS SubSea Ball Valves