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Pipe in rolls, bare, tracked and insulated / protection boxes

O’Brien Corporation LLC has been a world leader in the supply of materials for the On and Off-Shore Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical and Power industries for over 50 years. The experience in heat transfer has allowed over the years to develop integrated solutions (extraction, transport and conditioning) in process analysis and emissions monitoring. The ISO9001:2008 certified quality system is a guarantee of high quality of the products and the organization.

Main products

Bare and coated roll tubing (single or multiple)
Insulated tubing in rolls
Rolled tubing electrically or steam traced and insulated
Instrument protection boxes and canopies
Electric and steam heaters
Sampling probes
Cooling and air conditioning systems
Tubing for instrumentation
Tubing for instrumentation
Drawn tubes
Seamless tubes
Electroclean tubing