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The severe service valves are projected to meet the most demanding challenges in industrial processes and operate under extreme conditions such as high pressure, temperature, corrosion or contamination.

In this article we will talk about the main features of these valves and the main areas of industrial application



Valves for severe service applications are available in different varieties (ball, butterfly, etc) and are built with materials and technologies suitable for use in extreme conditions.

The materials most used for these valves are stainless steel, nickel, titanium and special alloys and in their production, they are used with technologies that resist, depending on the specific type, to:

High pressure and temperature: they are designed to withstand high load conditions without compromising integrity and reliability.

Corrosive and aggressive fluids: They are built using corrosion resistant materials to ensure long-term performance.

Abrasive materials and particles: they are designed to resist wear and maintain efficient operation.

Accumulation of static charges which can cause fires and explosions.



Among the main industrial sector users of these valves there are:

  • -Petrochemical industry and pipelines
  • -Chemical industry
  • -Pharmaceutical industry
  • -Mining
  • -Power plants and energy production
  • -The aerospace industry
  • -Water treatment plant



Our range of severe service valves offers customized solutions for your most demanding industrial applications, with a focus on quality, reliability and durability: in other words, we are committed to providing the best solutions to ensure the success of your processes.

Specifically, our severe service valve proposal includes:

  • -Hydrogen Valves
  • -Low Temperature Valves
  • -Low Emission Valves
  • -High Temperature Valves
  • -Zero Leakage Valves
  • -Axial Choke Valve
  • -Axial Control Valve
  • -Axial HIPPS Valve
  • -Axial Isolation Valve
  • -Dual Plate Check Valves
  • -Nozzle Check Valves
  • -Compact Double Block and Bleed Valves
  • -Jacketing Contro Heat for Valves

To request detailed technical information on individual products or specialized advice on the purchase of our industrial valve, do not hesitate to contact our expert staff.

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