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Electro-instrumental material supply

Produce: electro-instrumental material supply

With constant attention to market evolution and to the innovation, Produce International Srl deals with the engineering of electro-instrumental plants with a careful selection of products for the supply of cutting-edge electro-instrumental material for engineering applications in the chemical, energy and industrial sector.

International partner of electro-instrumental material

Through a consolidated partnership with the major worldwide producers of electro-instrumental material such as: enclosures tubing, choke valve, control valve, seamless tubing, dbb valves, hipps valve, dbb isolation valve, pre insulated tubing bundle.

Our company offers the customers a professional support in all phases of product procurement, starting from the design of the electro-instrumental plants up to their installation in the field.

Electro-instrumental material supply: our products

Preinsulated Tubing Bundle

- O'Brien

Axial Choke Valve

- Goodwin International

Axial HIPPS Valve

- Goodwin International

Gauge Block Monoflange & DBB Valves

- Produce International

Sample System

- Produce International

Enclosures & Sunshades

- O'Brien

Axial Control Valve

- Goodwin International

Axial Isolation Valve

- Goodwin International

Ball & Needle Valves Manifolds

- Produce International


Accurate selection of the material

The continuous attention to satisfy the real needs of the customer has led Produce International Srl to select the most suitable electro-instrumental material for each individual project. With the aim of creating efficient, practical and functional plants, compliant with the customer’s objectives, a careful selection of items is offered such as seamless pipes, pre-insulated, in bars, in coils and other products suitable for the technical specifications of the plants, speeding up response times and work execution times and reaching ever higher levels of productivity

Life-cycle engineering LCE Solutions

Concurrent Engineering  is a highly competent service that takes into account all the phases, from the design to the installation of electro-instrumental plants and which provides consultancy for the procurement and supply of electrical material, mechanical material, electro-instrumental material as well as the management of sampling systems, control and command electrical panels and of spare parts for industrial plants and construction sites.