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Sampling Systems, Electrical Command and Control Panels Supply

Produce: industrial electrical panels, control panels and sampling systems

In the field of plant engineering, the design phase and the supply of industrial electrical panels and control panels, as well as those of sampling systems are decisive and require competence and professionalism.

For this reason, thanks to its expertise in materials management, Produce International Srl makes use of the engineering experience of Concurrent Engineering and of the consolidated partners of Produce to carry out a highly qualified design service and supply service with reliable and quality products and engineering solutions.

Performance and safety

Thanks to advanced solutions of Concurrent Engineering, the attention is focused on the specific needs of the Customer with a service designed to satisfy its technical requests with results that take into account the quality of the materials, the performance of the final product and the total safety of the plants in the Industrial and Oil & Gas on-offshore sectors.

Engineering solutions and products

From the design of sampling systems to the supply of mechanical products and electronic material for electro-instrumental systems, from the distribution board for electro-instrumental system to electrical closets, temperature control systems and control panels, each section of the project is carefully studied in every detail and equipped with the most avant-garde products and engineering solutions


Instrumental plants realizations

Various ad hoc solutions are proposed according to the Customer’s needs, due to its technical, managerial and logistic organization. These solutions vary from the detailed definition of the components to the quality control of the materials, from the control of purchases to the drafting of project specifications, creating industrial projects that take into account all aspects, up to logistics, with turnkey solutions.